Our Solutions

Supply industrial materials

The client no longer needs to allocate too many resources to manage a wide range of items and suppliers.

SwedBrasil Import & Export AB provides all types of products, spare parts and supplies to different industries around the world.

We guarantee that companies optimize their resources:

  • ­Receive the requested product
  • the best price
  • ­at the agreed point and
  • in the stipulated time
  • ­even if it requires urgent shipments.

Purchasing process

  • Request quotes from our extensive network of suppliers.
  • Negotiate the best price convenient for the client.
    We send the proforma invoice to the customer.
  • Approved by the customer, we make the purchase.
  • Coordinate the dispatch complying with the shipping instructions oriented by the client.
  • We handle all the documentation according to the requirements of each client and industry and according to the laws and practices that prevail in each country of origin and destination.
  • Follow up until the merchandise arrives at its destination.

Consulting Services

The client can avoid cumbersome import and export processes and the linguistic and geographical barriers that this entails.

SwedBrasil Import & Export AB offers fast and reliable assistance in all areas regarding imports, exports and trade between Europe and the world.

With our unique knowledge of the area, we can offer you:

  • Consultancy services customized for European enterprises wishing to enter different markets, mainly South American. After years of experience of doing business on the South American continent, we know the market, the culture and, most importantly, we know the people.
  • We can provide you with all of the support and information needed to facilitate the interpretation and application of customs legislation and tax related to customs clearance.
  • We can recommend the use and control of special procedures and/ or facilitate your customs clearance.
Our services are provided in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Chinese and Romanian.
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